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    08.08.2008 - Important News!
Dear visitors!
We upgrade our scripts and sites in the next time and replace the old smallads scripts wich was missleaded by some stupid cheaters nearly daily with a good new version with some more features like picture to the ads and more. The new script also have more features against cheaters and spammers. For this reason most of our international english-language sites are not online in the next time. In the meantime we only have the german version online, but please dont signup for a user-id there if you dont speak german (Deutsch)!!!

We are happy to present you much better sites in the next time. Also we will add our reptiles pics and movies archives online. At this time we ve more than 10.000++ exclusive reptile pics and movies!

Make your Bookmark now - and come back soon!

Some pics of monitor lizards (Varanus)
Some pics of reptiles from the bahamas